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Mikaela's Seventh Grade Enrollment

Seventh Grade ( or grade 7 or year 7 in some regions) is the old 1st year High School here in the Philippines.

In the Philippines, the age to be a grade 6 is between 12 and 15 years old. In some places, 7th graders are aged 12 to 13 years old.  Following the K12 LAW, grade 7 is the formerly High School level.

What is K to 12 Basic Education Program or RA 10533?

After my eldest daughter graduated from Grade 6, she is now on her Grade 7 this school year at Davao City National High School.

Davao City National High School

This is my daughter new school for Grade 7.

During enrollment
Accompanying my daughter for her enrollment, as a mother I wanted her to become more responsible, more self-assured and independent in a way.

We follow the rules for enrollment posted outside the school campus.

Passing all the requirements like 2x2 ID PICTURE (3pcs) with white background, School Card, Birth Certificate (NSO Copy-Photo Copy), Height and Weight and Good Moral Characters your child is already enrolled.

Having it all done, she'll be more motivated to work with her life now as a Junior High School.  And by doing my part as her mother I will be comfortable thinking that what she's doing is worthwhile.



  1. I'm sure she is excited! They grow up so fast!

  2. Yes Staci. So fast they grow and so fast they will be old enough to face life carousel.

  3. She is just as pretty as her the way she really grew so fast.

  4. Oh wow best of luck to her in her new school :) x

  5. Thanks Sarah-Louise. Until now she is still adjusting to her new environment.

  6. Best of luck to your daughter in grade 7. I hope she does very well :)

  7. Wow to be in 7th grade again. Looks like a lot goes into enrolling, so many requirements/rules. That's great she has your support.

  8. This sounds so exciting. To think I am excited about my son going to preschool.

  9. Good luck on 7th grade. Even if they'll be spending additional years in school. They would be well equipped once they graduate.