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My Daughter's 1st experience with the Vending Machine

As I've promised that every time my kids have activities in or outside their school I will post it here.  So here we go, we went to Cosmopolitan Funeral Homes last night to attend the wake of our Grandmother.

As my kids strolling around the place, they went back to me asking for money.  I ask them what are they going to buy, they answered back: TO BUY A CUP OF MILO FROM A VENDING MACHINE.

Oh, really there is a VENDING MACHINE here in Cosmopolitan Davao?  For my curiosity I get my android tablet and headed to the vending machine together with my kids.  People are lining up to get a cup of HOT and COLD Coffee and Milo.

There are two models of NESCAFE vending machines, namely, Automated Vending Machines (AVM’s) and Tabletops. Both offer a wide variety of basic and specialty selections from hot coffees to hot chocolate by NESCAFE and MILO. These recipes carry a winning taste with consumers of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO’s) and Offices where these machines are mostly located.

AVM or Automated Vending Machine also have soft drinks and juices.

So glad to know that we already have AVM here in Davao City.

Vending machines can be coin operated,   
card operated or free vend.  
In this AVM it is a coin operated.  Need to have Php10 or 12 to have a cup of coffee, Milo,  juice or soft drinks.




  • FINISH LOADING ( Lights are OFF).


Great idea for all customers to have an extensive choice of hot or cold beverages without fuss, mess or waiting.  It only takes us a second in line up.  So easy and it has the ability to accept and give change too.



  1. I'm sure your daughter had fun with the vendo. The first vendo we had as kids had chocolates in Camp John Hay.

  2. They really have fun Franc. As I observe them,they have been coming back and forth from the vending machine.

  3. My daughter is infatuated with vending machines in nj as well. I don't understand it, but it seems like a lot of kids are attracted to these brightly glowing machines.

  4. when i was training in davao theres's a avm like inside our building. its really cool looking very affordable and you can choose from a wide variety of hot and cold beverages. i cant seem to find any vending machine like this anywhere outside davao even on the net... u can only find it on blogs.... do you know how to contact them? i really want to franchise this avm here in palawan.. thank you

  5. Hi Beau Magbanua: Sorry I don't have idea.