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Mikaela's 13th Birthday

Whew!  Because of my busy schedule I forget to blog my eldest daughter 13th birthday party last December 21, 2012.  Well actually her birthday is on December 18 but we decided to celebrate it with her classmate at school during their CHRISTMAS PARTY.

Our birthday is our great day. And to have a GREAT BIRTHDAY we need to prepare an awesome party too!  So I first talk with MIKAELA on what kind of a party she wants, and she said something teeny and young.  So I look for a design of her cake through internet and I saw this cute and creative cake from THE SWEET CAKE FAIRY.

Photo credit to THE SWEET CAKE FAIRY

Because we will going to celebrate it in their school, aside from the cake I decided to have cupcakes, to have an equal share. I have to ask her teacher adviser how many are they in their classroom.  Then I contacted my friend Margaret who owned a bakeshop near our town, who also bake and make cakes for all occasions.

And as soon I make a call from Margaret I also send the photo via FACEBOOK Private Message for her to copy the cake design.

December 21, SCHOOL CHRISTMAS PARTY.  Children are very busy singing and dancing while me,my mother, Ms. Teresa Alemanza(my daughter teacher adviser), and my good friend Beth are busy preparing the CAKE and CUPCAKES on the table.

photo credit: brendanlim via photopin cc

Cakes and cupcakes goes better with ice cream, what a PERFECT MATCH!

By the way I do have a birthday wish for my daughter that I posted on my FACEBOOK TIMELINE:

To Mikaela Francesca:

You have been such a joy to me.  So beautiful, brilliant, talented, observant, and most of all

spirited. Loving things like Android Tablet and gadgets which you enjoyed sharing it with your sister, Chelsea Jeanille and funny activities together. Sharing school life with me is a great step to have good relationship with your mother. You have been making me over for 13 years since that glorious moment in the middle of the night when I first held you in my arms. That is the most beautiful moment I had ever seen.   I don't have words to tell you how joyous I am to have a 13 year old daughter like you, K-la, who made my life as PERFECT as can be.

Happy Birthday Ate!!!

Mama JL


  1. sarap nmn ng mga yun!!! haha craving tuloy aq now.. happy bday! xx

  2. that's a sweet marshmallow cake! i love ube ice cream! i wish i attended the birthday. :D