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UNITED NATIONS 2012: My Two Chinese Girls

Search for Mr. and Ms. UNITED NATIONS 2012 in school become one of the highlights in every school year activity.

And this is the first time my two girls participated in the said event.

My Two Chinita Girls
Mikaela Francesca Pal and Chelsea Jeanille Pal are fond of CHINESE COSTUMES. So here they are from the LAND OF THE SLEEPING GIANT.....CHINA!!!!!!
UNITED NATIONS CELEBRATION for me is not to teach our children to compete with other nations.  The notion that children will have if they think of United Nation is COMPETITION, and I am scared that they will bring this idea as they grow old.

Way back my elementary years in Assumption School of Davao, this kind of school activity has been removed.  It was deleted for the sake of children's thinking of COMPETITION, against every nations is bad.   It doesn't help children at all.  And I guess they're right in deciding to remove such activity.

Here in my kids school this activity is done yearly.  And parents should support their children,right?  Even if I have this belief against competition,I have to be there to support them.

The 200+ competing candidates lining up from Kinder to Grade VI.

The Judges eagerly watching the candidates....

Wearing their NATIONAL COSTUMES, opening with different colors and surrounded by words representing their country.

Even if they did not make it into the TOP 10 I admire my kids guts and talents. This reminds me of a quote I once read: "WINNING IS NOT IMPORTANT."   

The important thing in LIFE in these events is not so much winning as taking part.  The important thing in LIFE is NOT VICTORY but the battle.  My kids participation is more than ENOUGH than WINNING.  By participating we learn something from it, it gives one self great esteem to win makes it greater.

I am proud of my kids!  And I congrats them for that.   



  1. You're right. Winning is not important as long we give our best. It's just a bonus. :)

  2. Your two little Chinita were able to carry the costume from China well and I'm sure they had a lot of followers.

  3. Ahh, your kids are so cute. They even gotten cuter with their costumes. Lucky you are too having kids with confidence to face events such this. I hope my kids would be confident as yours, soon. :)