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National Heroes Day in the Philippines celebrated on the 30th of November as it was the birthday of Andres Bonifacio, the founder of KKK or Kataastaasang, Kagalanggalangan Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan.

Then it was later changed and moved to the 4th Monday of August, to pay tribute to all known and unknown men and women who sacrificed their LIVES to defend our country, the Philippines. 

People celebrate this day with a great enthusiasm.  A perfect day to remember the LIFE and WORK of our GREAT PEOPLE who died and fought for PHILIPPINES INDEPENDENCE.

In this, children from different schools pays tribute to our NATIONAL HEROES through essay writing, and by making a postcard image of different HEROES they look up and admired.

Chelsea's Works:


My youngest daughter admired all our NATIONAL HEROES, she is eager to know all of the stories.  She even asks her Grandfather to tell her the whole story of GOMBURZA, ANDRES BONIFACIO, RIZAL, etc.  In school they discuss this topic but she wants more.

The Department of Education is encouraging all public and private schools to highlight the courage and patriotism of our national heroes in their classroom discussions and other related activities in subject areas such as Sibika at Kultura, Hekasi, Araling Panlipunan, Values Education, Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health, Filipino, and English. Teachers have been conducting classroom essay writing, drawing, storytelling, and oratorical contests and debates, showcasing values, heroism, nationalism, patriotism and love of country which were exhibited by the heroes during trying periods of this country. 

As we celebrate NATIONAL HEROES let us remember the heroes who give PRIDE to our country and for our MODERN DAY HEROES our OFW(Overseas Filipino Workers), PUBLIC and PRIVATE TEACHERS, NURSE, DOCTORS, not EPAL POLITICIANS and etc... their continuing effort and making their job truly bless and are remarkable in the eyes of the FILIPINO PEOPLE.


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  1. nice! we really should honor our past and modern day heroes! :)