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K-la's EXPERIMENT Part 2

Remember I post here last June 25, 2012, about my daughter experiment?  Well here it is....

HONEY, FOOD COLORING(Red) and Aluminum Plate

As you can see they are mixing honey and food coloring to make it look like 
a  blood.

Analyzing BLOOD FLOW with this kind of experiment help children to understand how blood circulates to our body. .

Blood flow is the continuous running of blood in the cardiovascular system. The human body is made up of several processes all carrying out various functions. We have the gastrointestinal system which aids the digestion and the absorption of food. We also have the respiratory system which is responsible for the absorption of O2 and elimination of CO2 .The urinary system removes waste from the body. The cardiovascular system helps to distribute food, O2 and other product of metabolism. The reproductive system is responsible for perpetuating the species. The nervous and endocrine system is responsible for coordinating the integration and function of other system.

You can also do this at home or in your school.  Try this kind of experiment for you to understand your body.  So easy, just see the requirements here needed for the experiment: k-las-experiment

Or try this kind of discovery....e-learningforkids

Happy learning!  :)


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