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Seventh Grade ( or grade 7 or year 7 in some regions) is the old 1st year High School here in the Philippines.

In the Philippines, the age to be a grade 6 is between 12 and 15 years old. In some places, 7th graders are aged 12 to 13 years old.  Following the K12 LAW, grade 7 is the formerly High School level.

What is K to 12 Basic Education Program or RA 10533?

After my eldest daughter graduated from Grade 6, she is now on her Grade 7 this school year at Davao City National High School.

Davao City National High School

This is my daughter new school for Grade 7.

During enrollment
Accompanying my daughter for her enrollment, as a mother I wanted her to become more responsible, more self-assured and independent in a way.

We follow the rules for enrollment posted outside the school campus.

Passing all the requirements like 2x2 ID PICTURE (3pcs) with white background, School Card, Birth Certificate (NSO Copy-Photo Copy), Height and Weight and Good Moral Characters your child is already enrolled.

Having it all done, she'll be more motivated to work with her life now as a Junior High School.  And by doing my part as her mother I will be comfortable thinking that what she's doing is worthwhile.

This is a late post of mine from the recognition and graduation of my two children.

March 13.  Baccalaureate Mass held at San Pedro Cathedral Parish.

Mikaela was assigned to bring a gift offering for the mass.  At exactly 12 noon we are there already for their mass final rehearsal.  And at 2pm the start of their Baccalaureate Mass.

After the mass we headed to DAVAO FAMOUS RESTAURANT to buy our favorite siopao.  But my daughter insisted that we have to eat there because she's hungry and because I was hungry too I agree with her.

We ordered their famous SIOPAO and LOMI.

My eldest daughter will receive her diploma in her primary school year.  Very excited knowing that my eldest is finished with her elementary years and preparing her to start another year for GRADE 7 as she was already included to new DEPED curriculum the K to 12 Program.

Well I know my daughter is a grown up one now but still have to give guidance to my first born child.


Another tiring day but need to wake up early in the morning to attend my two daughters
Recognition.  Yes, in my daughter Mikaela's Graduation only those who have HONOR'S and Diplomas was given to them.  That is why they still have Grade 6 recognition for pupils with merits, medals and special awards.

Maybe they separate the awarding of merits to avoid crowded and messy celebration.  And I agree with this kind of system though it consumes most of our time but this happened only once in our lifetime as parents.

Going to the stage and pinning my kids ribbons,awards and honors are a true sign that my two kids are striving well in their studies and I am very, very proud to see them that they all excel in any way.



Time to get ready and early for the 64th FOUNDATION DAY of my kid's school.

CESAREO VILLA-ABRILLE ELEM. SCHOOL(CVAES) or formerly known as Bucana Elem. School is located at Bucana Trading Blvd.,Davao City.  

My father has taught here for almost 32 years in this school and leave a great LEGACY.  His great intellectual knowledge in EDUCATION made him so popular to his students.  That even if he is now a retired teacher his NAME always give great influence to his former students and some teachers colleagues.

Picture taken last year 2012

When he retired, that is the year 2005, the school renamed its name to CVAES.   I don't know how they come up with this 64th FOUNDATION OF CVAES as far as I know since my father teach there it is still called BUCANA ELEM. SCHOOL.  Well anyway I hope someone will enlighten me here. 

Since my eldest daughter Mikaela is sick for almost a week she did not participate from school presentation but she was there taking pictures of her sister Chelsea and other presentations from different levels.



Chelsea at the first lane with green band


Great exposure for children and developing their talents is a good way of nurturing them to have self-esteem, and to accept themselves as basically good people in the near future.

Children need this opportunities in their intellectual, social, and personal aspect of growing.

There were lots of activities happened, children have great fun after their presentation the likes of giving of free ice cream and porridge.  Then after their morning activity another activity happened in the afternoon, the Coronation of King and Queen of Hearts 2013.

I didn't have time to watch the show in the afternoon but I'm sure all of them deserves to win.

By the way here is the video from my daughter's presentation, hope you like it.  Enjoy!

A device used for measuring wind speed.

Her Grandfather did this to her.  It's composed of old party cups, barbecue sticks, rod, and an old Tupperware cup.


Known for it's old name WEATHERCOCK.  An instrument for showing wind direction.

Composed of old cartoons, peanut butter plastic container, barbecue sticks, rod and electric tape.

Both are useful on weather station in order to get the wind speed and direction.

Her project grade: 50/50 each

Whew!  Because of my busy schedule I forget to blog my eldest daughter 13th birthday party last December 21, 2012.  Well actually her birthday is on December 18 but we decided to celebrate it with her classmate at school during their CHRISTMAS PARTY.

Our birthday is our great day. And to have a GREAT BIRTHDAY we need to prepare an awesome party too!  So I first talk with MIKAELA on what kind of a party she wants, and she said something teeny and young.  So I look for a design of her cake through internet and I saw this cute and creative cake from THE SWEET CAKE FAIRY.

Photo credit to THE SWEET CAKE FAIRY

Because we will going to celebrate it in their school, aside from the cake I decided to have cupcakes, to have an equal share. I have to ask her teacher adviser how many are they in their classroom.  Then I contacted my friend Margaret who owned a bakeshop near our town, who also bake and make cakes for all occasions.

And as soon I make a call from Margaret I also send the photo via FACEBOOK Private Message for her to copy the cake design.

December 21, SCHOOL CHRISTMAS PARTY.  Children are very busy singing and dancing while me,my mother, Ms. Teresa Alemanza(my daughter teacher adviser), and my good friend Beth are busy preparing the CAKE and CUPCAKES on the table.

photo credit: brendanlim via photopin cc

Cakes and cupcakes goes better with ice cream, what a PERFECT MATCH!

By the way I do have a birthday wish for my daughter that I posted on my FACEBOOK TIMELINE:

To Mikaela Francesca:

You have been such a joy to me.  So beautiful, brilliant, talented, observant, and most of all

spirited. Loving things like Android Tablet and gadgets which you enjoyed sharing it with your sister, Chelsea Jeanille and funny activities together. Sharing school life with me is a great step to have good relationship with your mother. You have been making me over for 13 years since that glorious moment in the middle of the night when I first held you in my arms. That is the most beautiful moment I had ever seen.   I don't have words to tell you how joyous I am to have a 13 year old daughter like you, K-la, who made my life as PERFECT as can be.

Happy Birthday Ate!!!

Mama JL

As I've promised that every time my kids have activities in or outside their school I will post it here.  So here we go, we went to Cosmopolitan Funeral Homes last night to attend the wake of our Grandmother.

As my kids strolling around the place, they went back to me asking for money.  I ask them what are they going to buy, they answered back: TO BUY A CUP OF MILO FROM A VENDING MACHINE.

Oh, really there is a VENDING MACHINE here in Cosmopolitan Davao?  For my curiosity I get my android tablet and headed to the vending machine together with my kids.  People are lining up to get a cup of HOT and COLD Coffee and Milo.

There are two models of NESCAFE vending machines, namely, Automated Vending Machines (AVM’s) and Tabletops. Both offer a wide variety of basic and specialty selections from hot coffees to hot chocolate by NESCAFE and MILO. These recipes carry a winning taste with consumers of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO’s) and Offices where these machines are mostly located.

AVM or Automated Vending Machine also have soft drinks and juices.

So glad to know that we already have AVM here in Davao City.

Vending machines can be coin operated,   
card operated or free vend.  
In this AVM it is a coin operated.  Need to have Php10 or 12 to have a cup of coffee, Milo,  juice or soft drinks.




  • FINISH LOADING ( Lights are OFF).


Great idea for all customers to have an extensive choice of hot or cold beverages without fuss, mess or waiting.  It only takes us a second in line up.  So easy and it has the ability to accept and give change too.